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Verified Artists

We have over 200 verified industry professionals in our database. Moreover, we do castings and auditions, so you can be sure of the high quality of our artists.

One-Stop Shop

We will solve all your entertainment needs. From DJs for every day to a special acrobatic show for a private event. Trust us to give you peace of mind about your venue's entertainment.

Peace of mind

We know what is responsibility, budget and discipline are. We provide best rates, and don't bother you for nothing. Let us present you with peace of mind about entertainment, finally!

Well, let’s say a hotel, restaurant, beach club or bar


Top-notch DJs

As seasoned DJs, we grasp the essence of quality and the elevated standard that defines exceptional DJing. Rest assured, we will bring top-tier DJs to command your turntables.

Talents Booking

We meticulously curate the finest entertainers for your events, delivering everything from mesmerizing fire shows for beach parties to intricate acrobatic performances. With us, all your ideas will vividly come to life.

Custom Costumes

Our costumes are custom-created works of art designed to elevate your event. We invest significant resources in ensuring that our dancers are the best in the industry.

Background Music

We will select the best music to match your brand, create playlists for different times of the day, and with the help of IT, ensure smooth transitions and seamless music playback in your venue.

our musical expertise will help you create:

Online Radio for Your Brand

We’ll compile playlists to suit your brand, whether it’s for an event, for social media, or for daily playback in your venue.

Playlist Curation

We’ll compile playlists to suit your brand, whether it’s for an event, for social media, or for daily playback in your venue.

Exclusive Music Production

We will create unique tracks for your concept. You will own 100% copyright and will be able to use them for advertising, presentations and other purposes of your brand absolutely legally.

about us

We’re DJ Leonica & Ray Ro, experienced DJs with a 10-year history in event industry. We’ve joined forces and expertise to create our collaborative venture – S GROOVE agency. Our focus is on delivering stylish, exceptional, and customer-oriented entertainment services to our clients.

Through our years of experience, we understand that our main goal is to make guests happy, ensuring they remember and revisit the venue. Additionally, we aspire to cultivate long-lasting and robust relationships based on the win-win principle. That’s why we’re always open to dialogue and committed to seeking the best solutions for our clients.

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